Recent studies have documented the challenges faced by returning service members and have established the effectiveness of integrative techniques such as mindfulness meditation and yoga in helping restore psychological and physical wellness.

Armor Down desires to function as a repository for scientifically accredited resiliency and transition techniques. Since few of these practices are associated with military training, Armor Down re-contextualizes them to make them more acceptable to service members.

Armor Down pursues its mission by linking content describing or demonstrating these techniques to Quick Response (QR) codes, which can be reproduced on printed materials and scanned by smartphones. It is a key feature of Armor Down that providing content in this manner eliminates the stigma of having to request it and encourages anonymous feedback.

In its initial phase, Armor Down has distributed hundreds of flyers throughout the U.S. Each flyer bears a QR code which, when scanned, connects the user with the Armor Down portal page. The right side of the page displays links to partners’ content or websites. At the present time the space accommodates just three links, so each partner’s visibility is high.


The Armor Down portal page also includes links to Facebook and Twitter, making it easy for users to share their reactions.

How Partners Participate

Armor Down’s partners may be organizations with a primarily military focus, or civilian-oriented organizations that want to reach out to veterans, or even commercial concerns that wish to link their messages to veterans’ causes. Partner organizations provide their own content and may change that content as often as desired. By special arrangement, partners may request a unique QR code that links only to their content.

Fees are negotiable but are generally a combination of IT setup expenses and a monthly service charge. Discounts may be available to nonprofit partners.

Armor Down assists in the creation, distribution, and printing of flyers. In addition, Armor Down provides partners with statistical feedback regarding QR code scans and content views, which may be useful in assessing the effectiveness of a partner’s message or campaign.